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Sprit reveals to remain stronger-avaussanat

“The Spirit reveals to remain stronger than the matter upon a time”
(avaussanat Kulttuuritutkaseminaarissa 2/2011 Jyväskylässä, puhekieli englanti)

On the behalf of the City of Jyväskylä, as a Chairman of the committee of Cultural-, Youth and Sport Affairs, I am delighted to open Kulttuuritutka- seminar today. Welcome to Jyväskylä.

I would like to tell few words about our city and importance and the connections within culture, youth and sport affairs.
Jyväskylä City Council approved the revised Education and Culture Services Ordinance. The new ordinance became effective February 1st, this Year. City Council decided that instead of earlier three different Committees, the new Culture, Youth and Sports Committee will consist of 13 members and thesub divisions of the committee will consist of 13 members.
Local newspaper named new Committee as Super committee. I agree. Its impressiveness and role increasing well-being, especially among young people, is super important.
The task of committee of Cultural-, Youth and Sport Affairs is to create the preconditions for high-quality cultural, youth, arts and sport activities that reach all citizens, as well as to engage in international co-operation. It supports local knowledge of culture, individual creative work and native cultural traditions.

Access of young people to culture as actors and users can reinforce awareness of sharing a common cultural heritage and their participation in society.
Involvement in cultural and sport activities promote active citizenship. It can allow children and young people to express their creativity and contribute to their personal development and their feel of belonging to a community.
Jyväskylä is safe and pleasant to live in. We are cosy and international, youthful and innovative at the same time. Not least because our young age structure and number of students. We are the home for a large variety of cultural activities such as concerts, festivals, museums and theatres.

In Jyväskylä, art as a hobby, can be started even before school age and continued until a professional qualification is attained. Basic education in the Arts for children and young people is provided in music, dance, visual arts and craft, theathre and wordart, moreover not forget Kulttuuriaitta and its role of reaching many groups of children.

Jyväskylä offers many free time activities, events and concerts that are available for teenagers. These are offered by the city’s youth services as well as various organisations, cultural associations, sports clubs and the teenagers themselves.

The operation of the youth services is based on professionalism, involvement, abstinence from intoxicants, a sense of community, multi-culturalism and cooperation
Through the Jyväskylä Youth Council and the groups operating at youth centers, teenagers can voice their opinions and cooperate to have an impact on the matters relevant to their neighbourhood as well as the society in general.
Jyväskylä is also a sport paradise for all interested in physical well-being. The city encourages everyone from babies to the elders to adopt an active lifestyle. There are a great number of disciplines to choose from whether your interest lies in serious competition or just gentle exercise.

We have 450 sport venues that range from multipurpose halls to nature tracks. Top athletes can prepare for competition in about 70 different sports thanks to well-equipped training facilities and high-quality coaching.
Involvement in cultural and sport activities promote Childrens creativity and citizenship. At the same time Culture and Sport plays a key role in raising the image and public awareness of the city.

As Architech Alvar Aalto said, freely translated
"The Spirit reveals to remain stronger than the matter upon a time"

I think its so true today. And tomorrow.

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